The Flower that Blossomed

As I pulled onto my driveway after a tiring day I did my usual routine of turning off the engine and sitting in silence for a few minutes. Usually, nothing really sparks my… Continue reading


I’m sure many of you, like me, have been advised to let go of this world.. but what if you do the opposite? What if you let go of God rather than the… Continue reading

21 months.

21. The number of months that passed before I healed. At least I thought I had healed.

The Revival

I don’t quite know where to start except to say I’m here – after a year, I’m still here.

Silent Chaos of the Night

There’s something about the silence of the night that is so beautiful, yet deafening. The hours where your thoughts are free to roam around, exploring every avenue you’ve desperately been avoiding during the… Continue reading

Dealing with Pain, Loss and Adversities.

I woke up one day, and the world still seemed the same. The people looked the same, the city looked the same and everyone went by with their daily lives. But little did… Continue reading

Seeking Light through the Darkness

Escaping life’s shackles; that’s what I’m trying to do, escape. Escape from the crumbling of the rocks beneath my feet that plunge me into darkness. Escape from the thunder in my mind and… Continue reading

Missing Pieces – The Road back to Allah (ﷻ)

And just like that, the twinkle in her eyes was gone with the wind. She was like a flower silently battered by the storm, clinging on with little hope of blooming again. Her… Continue reading

Empty Shells

Recently, more than often, a dull ache lingers inside me. It tugs, it pulls and it rebels. I didn’t understand it, I was confused and feeling lost. So, here I sit, deep in… Continue reading

Unity – What unity? 

Two and a half years ago, I wasn’t Muslim but I felt the sisterhood, it was real and it was such an amazing feeling.