Lost in a Sea of Emotions..

It feels as if we’re a puzzle but there’s still a missing piece. Step by step we gather pieces, but the final one we cannot find. We cannot find it here, not in this world. We cannot find full peace and contentment here. This world isn’t for me, it isn’t for us.

Day after day I just want to crawl into a dark hole and hibernate away from this life, away from the shackles of dunya. Sometimes it gets too much. My heart wants to go home; it wants to go home to Jannah. It yearns for Jannah. It yearns for eternal peace, happiness and contentment. But for now, I’m just a stranger passing through this life. I’m not made for this world and if I fall in love with it I will break; I will shatter into a million pieces. I have already been there, please don’t make me return.

I am lost, I am lost in a sea of emotions and I am drowning in my thoughts, but don’t let me sink. Let trials be my stepping stones to Jannah and not my downfalls. With each step let me get closer to You and closer to my final focus. Don’t let me slip, save us all.

Take the love of this world away from me, take it away from us. I don’t want it. I don’t want it to break me further. I don’t want it to poison my weakened soul. Don’t let me shatter into a million pieces.

Give me strength, patience and determination to succeed. If I fall, let me rise back up with gems. We are weak servants, make us strong. You cannot break the broken, I cannot break anymore. Grant us all Jannah out of Your mercy, O Allah.