Day Two – Chocolate Cake & The Benefits of Fasting!

Day Two of Ramadan, the first Jummah of Ramadan and me, I am feeling good! Alhamdulillah.


I woke up today feeling so refreshed! I think the nap after Isha gave me a much needed energy boost. Speaking of energy boosts, I’ve just returned home from Iftar at a sisters house (May Allah SWT reward her) and I am hyper. The culprit? Gulab Jamun – Yes, full of sugar but irresistible.

I’ve kept myself so occupied today that I haven’t felt even a pang of hunger (Okay, maybe I did just a tad in the morning – I miss my daily cup of tea and biscuits!). Scrap that, I was feeling extremely tired towards the end of the day. Too tired to focus on anything, too sleepy to do anything. I didn’t nap though, I fought the urge (Insert smirk emoji here). I GOT THE POWAAAAAAH!

(Still thinking about the cake..)

Anyways, I’ve been looking at the benefits of fasting today, something that I haven’t really done before and some of the things I stumbled across were mind-blowing. Like, who knew fasting had so many benefits? You know I’m going to share them with you, right? It isn’t just about abstaining from food and drink guys!


  • When we fast, less blood is sent to the digestive system and as a result, our hormone levels and cardiac health improve. As well as our intestines being cleaned, increasing our metabolism.
  • For the stomach, it uses it’s time wisely to cleanse itself and eliminate all of that harmful bacteria (Even our bodies are productive!)
  • Also at benefit are the lungs, which fasting aids the body in removing all of those toxins we inhale.
  • Moving on, an energy source (Glycogen) is also increased, as well as burning off excess fat to produce another energy source (Glycerol)!
  • Our bodies are also detoxified through the kidneys that go into intense dialysis!
  • It has also been proven to improve the brain and immune system.

What I’ve also realised are the psychological impacts. Through fasting, I’ve gained more gratitude than I’ve ever possessed in my life. We’re so blessed, yet we still yearn for more. There are people who don’t even have food to eat, yet here we are taking it for granted. Ya Allah, ease the struggles of those with so little. Reward them with goodness, strength and patience to get through their hardships.

On another note, I’ve noticed how much more conscious I am of my actions and surroundings. We brush things off day-to-day, yet during fasting the mind is just like QUICK, NO, ASTAGFIRULLAH! Ahh, if only I was that self-aware in other months. Insha’Allah, I hope so.

Moving on, I’m still kind of hyper and I’m eyeing up the chocolate cake that’s calling out my name in the kitchen. I think I might go have a nibble, just a little.. a teeny bit. IT JUST LOOKS SO DELICIOUS, ITS CALLING ME.. GOODBYE, FOR NOW.