Day Three – When Reality Strikes…

That chocolate cake I mentioned yesterday? Well, it wasn’t even that nice. Oh, who am I kidding? It was delicious, my stomach was well content and my taste buds were having a party. Sugar overload? Check.

By the time Fajr arrived I was falling asleep, my eyes just wouldn’t stay open. Even my strange combination of food didn’t help. If you’re wondering what I had it’s a slightly odd mixture: chicken, cake, banana and grapes. Exactly in that order.

I was having a nice sleep this morning actually… until my sister decided to make so much noise it sounded as if a mountain was crumbling to pieces giving me a bit of a jumpy awakening. Nonetheless, it gave me a nice buffer to get ready to leave the house. For those that know me in person I am barely ever on time and my time management is practically non-existent, so receiving messages demanding me to be ready for exactly 58 minutes) past the hour (strange time, I know) is quite a challenge.

Eventually, I made it out the house and surprisingly I was on time – only because my little chauffeur was late. Anyways, as I left the house I was hit with such a strange sensation, for a moment I felt as if I was on holiday! It was SO humid, I just felt like I was overseas. No air, no breeze – How do I breathe?! A holiday would be great though, for now I can just dream…

Fast forward later on in the day and my odd food combination has left me with an already existing heartburn problem feeling like the fiery pits of Jahannam have resided in my chest. Are there any natural cures for heartburn? Please, do share! It’s been an on-going issue for a few years.

Upon returning home from what seemed like a brief little gathering, I called a dear sister of mine. It was only meant to be a short “What are you doing?” phone call but somehow turned into a two hour long deep reflection on life in this Dunya and the Akhirah.

It was however, quite a shock to the system. You see, I was explaining the events of Yawm Al-Qiyamah (The Day of Judgement). The way we will one day completely decompose, a part from the little bone we will resurrect from at the bottom of our spines, the way all of this will one day be gone and we will stand in front of The Most High and our whole life will be shown – May Allah (SWT) make us amongst those who aren’t humiliated in front of mankind, those who are shown discreetly behind the curtain and forgiven.

There was a hadith I recalled also, regarding when the Prophet (SAW) ascended through the heavens and seen Angel Israfil with the trumpet already on his lips ready to blow. SubhanAllah. Even our Prophet (SAW) questioned how he could take it easy when the Angel already has his lips on the trumpet. And yet, we’re still running around like we won’t be judged one day, like we won’t be given a destination – Jannah or Jahannam.

I need to change, I need to better myself and I need to progress before my time is up. O Allah, don’t take our souls until you’re best pleased with us.

It’s almost Isha time now, I’ve satisfied my stomach, alhamdulillah! I’m so grateful. I think I may take a nap after salah, I’m feeling somewhat sleepy and I certainly don’t want to fall asleep waiting for Fajr. So, until tomorrow (insha’Allah), salam!