Day Four – Goals, changes and Fajr reflections…

The world spins, the world sleeps… Me? I stay wide awake hours after Fajr, talking to myself and reflecting on life. Although, it did make me ponder upon the beauties of Fajr. You’re just distanced from the whole world. Pure silence outside, excluding the beauty of the birds chirping. It’s so quiet, so peaceful and you feel so content. The world is sleeping and you’re connecting with The Creator of all, subhanAllah! We’ve even been advised that the two (sunnah) rakats of Fajr are better than the world and all it contains (Sahih Muslim).

How blessed are we to be a part of the Ummah? The Day of Judgement, the disbelievers will wish they were dirt like the animals whilst we all assemble waiting to be judged – We, the Ummah will be first. We are so blessed to have been given Islam, to have our eyes opened and our hearts softened.

So much has changed since last Ramadan, in the space of a year your whole life can just turn around. I was recalling the days where I used to have step by step notes surrounding me to guide me through prayer. When out, I couldn’t pray by myself and had to rely on others. Now, I’m the total opposite and I prefer reading by myself as people’s recitations distract me!

I also recall being really run down and exhausted throughout last Ramadan and even now, I still cannot believe this is my third Ramadan! God is Great, may we all live to see many more and one day, be able to enjoy the blessed month with my family. Please, pray for their guidance.

It’s strange, you don’t realise how much changes in such a short space of time. On the other hand, it also serves as a reminder, a reminder to us all that this life is so temporary. Whatever little we have we should still have the utmost gratitude as there are many who pray to be in our shoes. We even take food for granted as not everyone will have a meal to break their fast with. Alhamdulillah, for everything.

Remember I spoke about setting goals? Well, I made a realistic set of goals I wanted to achieve. I listed them in order of priority, and how long it would take me to achieve each. Insha’Allah, I hope I achieve them, it’s so much easier to stick to when you know what you’re aiming for. First on my agenda is relearning the names of Allah (SWT); I got up to 25 a few weeks ago before I gave up (Oops!) and also learning Arabic to read the Quran – Alhamdulillah, I’ve found a class now. Woohoo!

I get so deep in thought sometimes… I managed to sleep afterwards though. Refreshed, I had so many plans today but I barely carried out any of them. I just needed a little break from life, you know those days where you just need to reenergise? Today was one of those days. Fasting has become much easier though, Alhamdulillah. It’s amazing how quickly your body adjusts, and how much you realise you eat just for the sake of it! Our bodies can cope, it’s just the motivation needed to do so. I didn’t even realise it was Iftar time, that’s how adjusted I’ve become!

Anyways, going to cut this entry here so I’ll see you again in about 24 hours, insha’Allah. Assalamu Alaykum!