Silent Chaos of the Night

There’s something about the silence of the night that is so beautiful, yet deafening.

The hours where your thoughts are free to roam around, exploring every avenue you’ve desperately been avoiding during the hours of light.

Oh darkness of the night, why must you bring chaos to my mind?

The stillness of the night wakes the stranger held prisoner inside my head.

And with your noise comes pain; my head is left throbbing and my heart is left aching.

When the beauty of the night becomes a nightmare; my mind is silenced and you feed it to the devils. Why must you torment my mind?

Oh stranger of the mind, who are you?

I feel like I’ve been stumbling around for a century and I’m tired now. Do you hear me Lord? I’m tired.

I’m ready to let go of the pains of this world – those pains that echo so loudly.

I want to let go now, but I know You won’t let me until You heal my wounds; the wounds caused by Your servants who continue to break me into crumbs.

Oh human,

You tore me apart,

You tugged at my seams and vanished.


You left me wounded,

You neglected me, and I bled.


Alone to battle my inner demons,

And unaccompanied to sew up my wounds.


I didn’t just bleed – I poured.

I poured until I had nothing left to give.

Oh Lord, I’m broken.

Fix me;

Your wrecked servant.

Until You fix me, I’ll bear the weight of my burdens and carry on stumbling.

Stumbling until I can no longer bear the weight.

I will crawl until You’re ready to meet me – until my story ends.

Make it a pretty ending, my Lord.

* I’ve never really written like this, so thought I’d try explore something new. Any tips would be appreicated.