Assalamu alaykum guys!

Firstly, thanks for stumbling upon my posts! I pray you’re in the best of health and faith.

Two years ago, I embarked upon a journey that would change my life forever  I found the true purpose of life; I embraced Islam. After advising many, I began to share my personal reflections with the world in the hope of motivating and inspiring others to see experiences, tests and trials as valuable learning curves, aiding others to see the light through the darkness of the storm.

I hope you benefit from my reflections, as it certainly aids me to capture my emotions and find solutions. It’s also nice to look back occasionally and see how much I’ve overcome by the will of Allah (ﷻ) He (ﷻ) is certainly the Best of Planners!

For now, I’ll catch you floating around my posts, Insha’Allah. Don’t be shy to drop a comment!