The Hidden Gem

As my health began to take a downward spiral I was left with little energy; at 3am I gave up attempting to sleep at all. Although, there was a huge benefit in this;… Continue reading

The Journey of Change

Have you ever seen someone after a while and the first thing they say is “You’ve changed!” whether that is through appearance or character we have evolved as a person without even realising.… Continue reading

We are all Travellers; The Striking of Reality

A few days ago I had a major reality check, the same reality hit me as several of us encounter many times through our lives. Although no one really talks about it, it… Continue reading

The Storm; Finding Our Shelter

Natural disasters; by the will of God they happen everywhere. More frequently than before, we see these types of warnings on the news. What do people do when they hear of a storm… Continue reading

Finding Myself in a Confusing World..

Who am I? Have you ever actually stopped to think of the answer to that question? I mean, really thought about it. A few years ago, I asked myself exactly that. “Who am… Continue reading

Slaves to Fashion, or Slaves of Allah ﷻ?

For many of us, we are often faced with the “Why should I wear hijab?” questions, or the “I want to put it on, but I cannot!” dilemmas. For those of us who… Continue reading

Why Do People Desert Us?

You could recognise the pain from the tears in their eyes. The eyes that would weep in private, yet try to hold it together in public, even though they were broken. They thought… Continue reading


At one point in life, we have all said it. But have you ever actually answered the question? I mean, truly answered the question. We sit and complain about our situations, we often… Continue reading

Like a Sinking Ship..

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning? Trapped at the bottom of an endless ocean, weighed down by a hefty anchor? Let me let you into a secret, it’s completely natural. At some… Continue reading

What is Happiness?

Many of us will say having a nice car, a decent job, getting married, graduating. Etc. Yes, these bring happiness – but temporary happiness. The creation is always trying to compete with each… Continue reading